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Dayton: 937-291-9188
Columbus: 614-824-7008
Dayton: 937-291-9188
Columbus: 614-824-7008
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Moving Tips

Preparation is the key to a successful move. By having everything ready prior to the movers arriving, you will save time, which means money. For those of our customers who are trying to be as cost-effective as possible while saving their backs in the process, we have few simple tips and suggestions that should help:
Pictures, Plants, Lamps and Other Small Items That Are Hard To Pack:
Believe it or not, it takes less time to move a large item such as a dresser or couch than it does to move these smaller items. They are not usually packed and take a lot of time to secure in the truck.  However, these are not that difficult to put in your car and take yourself. This will help save you a lot of time.
Assembly and Disassembly: You will save time and money by taking apart anything that really needs to be, for a safe, secure and efficient transport. Just make sure you mark those pieces and secure all loose screws, nuts, bolts, etc. to assure an orderly reassembly at your new place.
Packing: It is extremely important to pack as much as possible in boxes. The heavier the item is, the smaller the box should be. Make sure all glasses are wrapped in paper and all boxes are closed and taped shut. Having boxes securely closed and stackable allows movers to move them with dollies three or four at a time and save on your time and money.
Dressers and File Cabinets, Etc: It is okay to leave light clothes in dressers, but remember that non-sturdy dressers can be damaged when moved with so much weight in them. Also, anything small and breakable such as jewelry, etc. needs to be packed. Movers sometimes have to tip furniture on its side and these items can fall out or get broken. Full file cabinets should either be unpacked or lightened up. If they are moved too heavy, their frame and overall structure can be damaged as a result.
Parking: Check at both residences for availability of parking. Keep in mind that our trailers or trucks are very tall in height and normally cannot get under parking shelters or carports, in parking ramps, under low-hanging trees or into low-ceilinged buildings. Parking a considerable distance from your door will necessitate a time-consuming shuttle or long carry, which could add to your move time.
Use of Elevator: For a multi-floor apartment move, please make sure the elevator is large enough to fit your largest pieces of furniture. Arrange to get a special key to hold the elevator for the duration of the move if possible. This will save time and it eliminates the wait as residents use the elevator.
Moving Day: When your movers arrive at your home or office, please make sure entrances and all pathways are kept clear of any debris or obstructions which will be more efficient in performing your move.
Planning Your Move: Be realistic about your capabilities. When first calling for estimates, please don't undersell the size of your home or office or the furniture you have that needs to be moved. This will not save you money and only give you a false estimate. A good estimator not only evaluates the time your move will take, but also the square footage of your place, how good the access is at your pick-up and drop-off, and exactly how many items you have as well as the conditions and what you intend to do in preparation for your move.
Remember, these are only suggestions to help keeping your move efficient and cost-effective. You’ve hired us to help you make your moving day as easy as possible, and it is our ultimate goal to not only accommodate you with what you want accomplished, but to exceed your expectations as well.

Dayton:            937-291-9188
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Dayton: 937-291-9188
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